Our Promise

We Will:      

  • Treat you like a person first
  • Value your time - Appointments are not necessary
  • Take the time to listen
  • Educate you about your condition
  • Coordinate your care with pain management, MRI/CT, Orthopedics and appropriate specialists
  • Document you injuries to properly to reflect your pain and suffering
  • Offer a safe and comfortable environment with friendly staff
  • Wait for payment until your case settles (when no benefits are available)
  • work with attorney's that are held in the highest regard
  • Make you proud to refer others to our office (read our testimonials!)
  • Work with time honored healthcare traditions that value the doctor-patient relationship

We Will Not:

  • Treat you like a file or number
  • Turn your life upside down by forcing you into a time slot
  • Make you feel like you're a box on an assembly line
  • Act like you wouldn't understand
  • Think we can do it alone
  • Forget that proper documentation is important to your case
  • Give you reason to ever think you're in the wrong place
  • Add financial hardship to your life
  • Work with attorney's that do not share our core values that put the patient first
  • Forget that you are a future referral source
  • Function strictly on efficiency, thus leaving no time for caring